Sunday, May 26, 2013

Writer For You (Update)

I am at a point in my life where I have all the writing assignments I can take. writing for fortune 500 companies can take quite a bit of freee time away from qa a person. If you have a small project I will take it. Please email me with what you need and make it 300 words or less in the order. The price of .10cents per word still applies. Thank You

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Article Writer 4 u , A New Article to View

I have been sloppy with my blog and rightfully so. I get going to fast to post on my other websites and , Associated Content. Also, I work full time so if my spelling and grammar are shifty. It is because I am just informing people what I am doing on this blog. Of course your articles are Grammar correct and spelling is double checked. Here  , is a new article I put out because it was not good enough for Associated Content, so be it. As a writer you can not be too picky on who turns you down, because it happens. Some editors will turn you down for no other reason than the content is not what they are needing to print. Hope you enjoy this article. Christopher Hyer 5/9/2013

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

102 Thousand Hits Writing and Making Cash

Well the article I wrote and just published by Yahoo Voices has given me 102,000 hits since Monday, so it was a success. I really wasn't sure if writing in the first person about ADHD and my addictions was smart. I felt like it might help someone. With al the comments. Well, lest just say there are a few people interested in what I have to say. The link is in this blog somewhere. HERE  is an article I wrote about Hawaii for Take a read and let me know how you feel . Have a great day and night. God Bless.

Working in IT with F2Onsite

Well a little bit of an update I am training with F2Onsite in their IT department. I look forward to working for this company that is expanding in the Midland, Texas area. My writing will still be a large part of my life, I have enjoyed making people happy with all the new assignments, Thank You. Christopher Hyer  Please make sure you go Here and enjoy some of my articles. Thank You. Here is another clip of some of the stuff I use to do in I was called Padrenorth 2009.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

When an Article Headlines

My Associated Content article, Here was released as of May 6th , 2013. I did not expect to get the reactions I received. However as a writer, I have nothing to hide, and my past is my past. Please read this article and comment on it if you like. I wrote for Yahoo news for this article. I am proud of myself. I am booked for assignments now. Please is you need work done for article write to me at   Thank You 

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Booked for a Week of Article Writing

The second week of May I am booked with 50 articles to have finished. Then I am taking more assignments. Please contact me at for your article needs. .10cents per word on articles 600 words or less. Business is booming, Let me let your business boom. Chirstopher Hyer

Here is a quality Article  , Enjoy ..

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Article Writer for SEO

I like to write about cities and what to do there. I have traveled the USA and Europe and enjoy the remembrance I had from these trips. I am taking assignments right now for more articles for you. Ten cents per word is high, but I command this and deserve the best as you will receive the best in writing skills on the Internet.New Article That is on HubPages- Go read it now, its about Miami and what to do. I hope you enjoy it. Chirstopher Hyer